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Portable ChemWindow 6

Portable ChemWindow 6 || 9,9 MB The Ultimate 2D and 3D Chemistry Publishing Program cw structure examplesChemWindow 6 is the most complete chemistry publishing software for Windows 95, 98 or NT users. It helps you to produce great presentations for all aspects of chemical research: chemical reactions, 2-D and 3-D chemical structures, laboratory experiment setups, […]

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Portable MDL ISIS Draw 2.5

Portable MDL ISIS Draw 2.5 || 7,4 MB SIS/Draw is a well know two dimensional molecular editor mainly used to put the structures in the databases and/or in the documents. The plug-in allows to edit the molecules already present in the VEGA ZZ workspace transferring them in the ISIS/Draw environment. The modified structures are automatically […]

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