The comparision of non-hydrofluoric acid flotation methods used in feldspar
quartz separation
Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Mühendislik Fakültesi, Maden Mühendisli¤i Bölümü, 06532 Beytepe, ANKARA


In this study, non-hydrofluoric acid flotation methods used in feldspar-quartz separation were compared with each
other and conventional HF/amine method. Although, there are many studies in the literature, only the most effec-
tive and the suitable methods for the laboratory facilities were selected for comparision. The methods are catego-
rized into three groups in the literature. These are anionic + cationic collector combinations, only cationic collector
and non-ionic collector group used. The selected methods were applied to an artificial feldspar-quartz mixture. In
order to compare the results, an alkaline index was developed and a selectivity parameter was calculated from the
alkaline index for each separation. The results showed that conventional HF/amine method is the most effective
and selective method. Duomeen TDO method was the second effective method on the feldspar-quartz separati-
on. Therefore, the flotation kinetics of feldspar were determined in both HF/amin and Duomeen TDO methods. The
tests results suggested that the flotation rate of the feldspar obtained in both methods was the same.
Key Words:

Anionic collector, cationic collector, feldspar, quartz, hydrofluoric acid, nonionic collector