348 pages | August 6, 200 | PDF | 8 Mb

Here is a short, focused introduction to , a comprehensive software system for mathematics and technical computing that should be useful to both beginning and experienced users. It contains concise explanations of essential commands, as well as easily understood instructions for using ’s programming features, graphical capabilities, and desktop interface. It also includes an introduction to SIMULINK, a companion to for system simulation. Written for 6, this book can also be used with earlier (and later) versions of . Chapters contain worked-out examples of applications of to interesting problems in mathematics, engineering, economics, and physics. In addition, it contains explicit instructions for using ’s Microsoft Word interface to produce polished, integrated, interactive documents for reports, presentations, or on-line publishing. This book explains everything you need to know to begin using . Intermediate and advanced users will find useful information here, especially if they are making the switch to 6 from an earlier version.

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