Publisher: CRC Press; 1 edition (October 18, 1996) | ISBN: 082479754X | Pages: 424 | PDF | 41 MB

This self-contained reference covers the chemistry, process chemistry, technology, engineering, and economics of conversion, including its environmental impact and commercial exploitation. Beginning with ’s availability and increasing importance as an environmentally acceptable natural resource alternative and feedstock, and Its elucidates derivative production by synthesis gas and conversion routes discusses methanol and ammonia synthesis, synthetic gasoline, and oxygenate fuels technologies presents data on critical, supercritical, and transport properties, reactions and equilibria, and solubility introduces recent gas engineering techniques, from NOx and SOx removal, and membrane gas separation, to multiphase transport phenomena and cryogenic processes surveys contemporary analytical chemistry and trace component identification methodologies highlights current trends of petrochemical and much more!

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