Publisher:  Springer
Number Of Pages:  302
Publication Date:  2004-08-10
Sales Rank:  4678168
ISBN / ASIN:  030648661X
EAN:  9780306486616
Binding:  Hardcover
Manufacturer:  Springer
Studio:  Springer
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Book Description:

This volume covers some powerful biophysical methods, such as analytical centrifugation, mass spectrometry, fluorescence spectroscopy, electron spin resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance, for the study of complex biological structures, and discusses useful physical concepts as applied to biological and biochemical systems. Case-orientated studies concentrating on particular methodologies are presented and examples are given, addressing some of the most important aspects of - relationship in biological assemblies. Biophysics nowadays collaborates closely with molecular biology and bioinformatics and this is also demonstrated in this book.
The book will be of interest both to experienced researchers wishing to widen their insight into molecular structure and function, and to younger scientists at the doctoral and postdoctoral level interested in the molecular nature of fundamental biological entities and phenomena.