184 pages | May 10, 2008 |ISBN:981281857X | PDF | 7 Mb

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This book describes the effect that hydrocarbon (oil, gas and coal) has had on human evolution, how we got to the stage we are at today, what we are doing about it and where it will lead us in the not-too-distant future.

The book is not speculation, but rather a collection of provable information based on verifiable facts which readers are encouraged to research for themselves so as to make an informed decision on how these facts will affect the future of mankind. The book covers the future of the human race, not just the decline of non-renewable resources such as oil and gas. It is designed to make people think out of the box rather than merely accept the results as they happen.

Contents: An Introduction; The Making of the Majors; The Growth of Population; Who Is to Blame?; We Can t Have It All; The Alternatives Available; Using What We Have; Not Everyone Agrees; It Still Exists, The Question Is Cost; Time to Listen, Not Talk; Is It All Over?; Only Time Will Tell.

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