Portable PAFreshney 3.6 Size: 14 MB

The application contains all the elements of the Periodic Table along with images of the elements in their natural state, as well as lots of other information and interactive displays.
The periodic table now comes in three versions. They all contain the same amount of information.

Features include:
Detailed information on each
Details of isotopes and allotropes
Details of important compounds
Details of reactions with water, air, halogens and acids

Images for each element (300+ images in total)
including valence and crystal stucture diagrams
Glossary of terms
Graphs of important element properties
Biographies for the important scientists and element discoverers
View the states of the elements at any temperature (from 0 – 6000k)
XP style support
Search through all content
shell diagrams of each element
Atomic width diagram
Toolbox, 330 physical constants and over 6400 formulae
Element names and the majority of the applications buttons are now available in eight different languages. Unfortunately there is just too much text for me to translate (100000+ words).
If you are using this Periodic Table in a school / college or other institue of learning and would like to add your own content, or customise existing content,
Version History

Added element information box
For the highlighted element, shows;
Name and symbol
Atomic number and mass
Magnetic ordering
Melting and boiling point
Density and electronegativity
Added new “gradients” for use with display mode
right mouse button to select
Added many new properties to graph selection
Added graph information
(shows the values of the graph under the mouse cursor)
Added; click graph to open element’s data page
Added logarithmic mode (base 10)
Added much improved graph selection method
Added graph options
Alter the graph colours
Print and save the current graph
Added many more properties to “element property search” section
Added; save data from “element property search” to a CSV file
Added: units of the selected property will appear as a tooltip above the
parameter name and itscorresponding value box
Added new tab; toolbox
Find constants, equations and chemical formulae

(330 constants, over 6400 formulae)
Added images to biography pages
Added many more element tables
Moved the atomic radii tab
(now in the atomic structure tab)
Fixes to the text and minor GUI improvements
Download: (Size: 14,0 MB)