Math Tutor DVD – Chemistry Vol. 1 – Atoms, Ions, Isotopes, Compounds and More
English | 10 Hours | 720×540 | XviD | 29.97fps 1704kbps | MP3 192kbps | 6.63GB
Genre: eLearning

Chemistry does not have to be a hard subject if you have the right teacher who knows how to break down the concepts into bit-sized chunks. Many students struggle and never develop the skills to solve chemistry problems because they never get the step-by-step instruction on how to break down a chemistry problem into logical steps.

Learn concepts with step-by-step worked Chemistry Problems.
Prepare for chem exams, chemistry homework, and quizzes.
Use as a Chemistry review for standardized tests.
Gain confidence in Chemistry!

Total Run Time: 10 Hours
01: Introduction to Chemistry
02: Units and Unit Conversions (DAMAGED – Half Way Through)
03: Significant Figures in Calculations
04: Temperature
05: Density
06: Atomic Theory of Matter: Part 1
07: Atomic Theory of Matter: Part 2
08: Atomic Theory of Matter: Part 3
09: Atomic Number, Mass Number, and Isotopes
10: Atomic Mass of an Element
11: Overview of the Periodic Table
12: Naming Molecular Compounds
13: Ions and Ionic Charge
14: Ionic Compounds
15: Ionic Compounds with Polyatomic Ions
16: Hydrate Compounds

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