Thoroughly updated and expanded, this new 3rd edition provides the latest information on , , film defects, and polymer characterization. Written by renowned leaders in the field, Coatings for Dosage Formsis easily the most comprehensive book available on the market today.New to the 3rd Edition:

the interaction of drugs with functional polymers

· the influence of processing parameters on quality

· the stabilization of polymeric film coats

· plastisizers and their applications in pharmaceutical coatings

· adhesion of polymeric films to solid substrates

· basic properties of latex and pseudolatex colloidal dispersions

Key topics included:

· polymer interactions with drugs and excipients

· physical aging of polymeric films.

· A complete overview and in-depth analysis of recent advances in the field, which includes information on the latest equipment used to apply polymers to a pharmaceutical system

· illustrated examples explaining the appropriate steps to be taken in order to solve formulation, processing and stability problems to achieve an optimized dosage form.