Publisher: CRC Press | 1 edition (September 26, 2005) | ISBN: 0824725220 | Pages: 560 | PDF | 8.4 MB

Reduced time to market, lower production costs, and improved flexibility are critical success factors for . Their ability to handle variations in feedstock and product specifications has made them key to the operation of multipurpose facilities, and therefore quite popular in the specialty , pharmaceutical, agricultural, and biotechnology-enabled products .

The editors of Batch Processes analyze the design, development, operations, and control of batch processes — providing answers to the most challenging and pressing problems associated with their use. They present a reference unique in its coverage of both process design and operations management issues. Leading experts from industry and academia contribute chapters that discuss batch process scheduling, design software tools, and the latest technologies, their implementation, and their respective advantages.

The book is presented in four parts for easy reference. Part I, Batch Processing General Overview, introduces the topic and discusses batch processing industries. Part II, Batch Processing Design Issues, includes information on conceptual design and synthesis, reactors in bioindustries, distillation, crystallization, and pollution prevention. Part III, Batch Processing Management, informs the reader on modeling and optimization, planning and scheduling, monitoring and control, and supply chain management. Part IV, Future of Batch Processing, offers concluding remarks and contemplates the future of batch processing.

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