W.O.E. Korver, W.O.E. Korver, “ in
Noyes Publications | 2001-02-15 | ISBN: 0815514492 | 450 pages | PDF | 5.4 MB

This book provides comprehensive coverage of electrical system installation within areas where flammable gases and liquids are handled and processed. The accurate hazard evaluation of flammability risks associated with chemical and petrochemical locations is critical in determining the point at which the costs of electrical equipment and installation is balanced with explosion safety requirements. The book offers the most current code requirements along with tables and illustrations as analytic tools.

Environmental characteristics are covered in Section 1 along with recommended electrical installation and safety recommendations. Section 2 treats a number of application illustrations in detail. Section 3 presents examples for the application of classifying NEC Class 1 locations.

Key Features:

– An in-depth treatment of factors that influence the classification of hazardous locations

– Recommendations for required electrical safety measures in controlling injuries and property damage in workplace and process areas

– Comprehensive coverage of factors in achieving economic electrical installation while providing recommended safety levels for personnel and equipment

– Contains 126 tables and illustrations guiding the reader about characterizing the explosion properties of flammable liquids, vapors, and gases that are processed, stored, handled and transported