(3rd edition), by Jerry Ginsberg
Cambridge University Press | English | December 24, 2007 | ISBN: 0521883032 | 742 Pages, Illustrated | PDF | 6,72 Mb

Description : Engineering Dynamics is a new treatment of kinematics and classical and analytical dynamics based on Ginsberg’s popular Advanced Engineering Dynamics Third Edition. Like its predecessor, this book conveys physical and analytical understanding of the basic principles of dynamics, but it is more comprehensive and better addresses real-world complexities. Every section has been rewritten, and many topics have been added or enhanced. Several derivations are new, and others have been reworked to make them more accessible, general, and elegant. Many new examples are provided, and those that were retained have been reworked. They all use a careful pedagogical structure that mirrors the text presentation. Instructors will appreciate the significant enhancement of the number and variety of homework exercises. All of the text illustrations have been redrawn to enhance their clarity.