The Plastics Compendium, Volume 2

The Plastics , Volume 2 free ebook download.

This volume covers a much broader range of properties; providing comparative data for the same 351 generic and modified material types covered in Volume One. The properties were selected in order to provide a clear and detailed guide to processability and performance. Each material has been assigned a comparative ranking value for each of the properties. These range from Excellent to Very Poor and Not Applicable. 62 properties are covered, in 4 categories: General andelectrical; including shrinkage, warpage, hydrolytic stability, UV weathering and material cost. Mechanical; e.g. tensile strength, fatigue index, toughness and wear. Processing; i.e. ability to be processed by moulding, extrusion,pultrusion, casting, resin injection, etc. Post-processing; e.g. machining, plating and welding. The information is presented in the following main sections: Property based listings. Comparative materials data sheets. Alphabeticalindexes of properties and materials. The property based listings each contain an explanation of the property, followed by listings of all the materials which have been rated as Good or above. Cross references are provided to the comparativematerials data sheets, which list all 62 ranking values for each material. This layout permits easy comparisons to be made and a simple materials selection methodology to be followed. If a material has already been specified, reference to therelevant comparative materials data sheet may show at a glance where any problems are likely to arise.

ISBN: 1859574432, Author: M C Hough, Publisher: Smithers Rapra Technology, Pages: 528, Publication Date: 1998-06-01