AVD Volume Calculator

This powerful calculator calculates volume and mass for object with a compound structure. You can use metrical and american units.

Sometimes there is a need of calculation of mass and volume of various subjects or metal designs. These tasks demand to know material density and to make complex mathematical calculations. The object can have compound structure (contains some different parts and apertures).

AVD Volume Calculator allows to get result simply and quickly. You choose a standard structure from the list, specify the sizes and quantity of parts, click the “Calculate” button and get your result. The program supports eight basic structural units: plate, pipe, round bar, I-Beam, C channel, lip channel and angle. It could be useful for engineering or architecture students or for rough construction estimates.

· Choice of a configuration from the list
· Choice of a material from the list
· Modification of the list of materials (addition and removal of any material)
· Adds volumes and masses of unequal parts of object
· Adds volumes and masses of unequal apertures of object
· Uses metrical and american units
· Undo last operation
· Support of localization tools for different languages
· Translate and get a FREE registration

Available units:
· Parallelepiped
· Cylinder
· Pipe
· Prism
· Sphere
· Part of sphere
· Cone
· Truncated cone
· Pyramid
· Hexahedral Bar
· I-Beam
· C channel
· Lip channel
· Angle