1.6 | Size: 61,4 MB

A comprehensive suite of modeling and simulation solutions for protein modeling and computational chemistry. Portable ‘Discovery Studio 1.6’ does not need installation. Just carry it in a flash drive and use on any computer, even without administrator access. All dependencies are included. No settings on the host computer are changed. The portable app creates a sandbox folder in its current location, where it stores all its settings and temporary files. Make as many copies of the app as you need. No more conflicts with other applications. No more ‘hijacking’ of file types.

With Discovery Studio, you can easily access everything you need for lead discovery and optimization in a single, Linux- or Windows-based research environment. Discovery Studio also helps you work within and across teams to share protocols and data from diverse applications.

Visualize, Analyze, and Share Biological and Chemical Data

The visual framework to Discovery Studio is Discovery Studio Visualizer Pro, a program that provides functionality for visualizing, analyzing and sharing biological and chemical data, while also serving as the single, easy-to-use interface to software within the Discovery Studio environment.

Download: (Size: 61,4 MB)