Properties is an MS Windows application that calculates properties of /water within a wide range of and temperature. The range is 0.01 bar to 1000 bar and the temperature range is 0 C to 800 C. It is based on a set of equations accepted by the members of the Sixth International Conference on the Properties of Steam. The sets of equations are also known as “IFC Formulation for Industrial Use”. It will run on Win 95, Win 98 and Win NT 3.51 or higher. It may be used for analyzing a number of energy conversion units used in power plants, such as steam turbines, pumps, boilers and heat exchangers. The results of the program can be transferred to the other Windows application, such as spreadsheets for further calculation. Some examples of usage are provided in the package. The features are:

  • User selectable units for inputs/outputs
  • Calculates enthalpy, entropy, specific volume, dryness fraction, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity and dynamic viscosity
  • All inverse functions, needed in applied thermodynamics applications, are provided. More about this can be found in the help file that comes with the package.
  • Reporting ability that makes it possible to generate a fully documented calculation.

Download the latest version of Steam Properties, about 992 kb.