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Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics: Advanced Numerical Methods, Software and Applications by Boris Chetverushkin

Publisher: Elsevier Science; 1 edition (May 20, 2004) | ISBN: 0444516123 | Pages: 558 | PDF | 43 MB

The book is devoted to using of parallel multiprocessor computer systems for numerical simulation of the problems which can be described by the equations of continuum mechanics. Parallel algorithms and software, the problems of meta-computing are discussed in details, some results of high performance simulation of modern gas dynamic problems, combustion phenomena, plasma physics etc are presented.
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Progress in Zeolite and Microporous Materials (Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis) by H. Chon

Publisher: Elsevier Science; 1 edition (December 18, 1996) | ISBN: 0444823441 | Pages: 2502 | PDF | 42 MB

The proceedings of the 11th Zeolite Conference has been published in three volumes, containing 5 plenary lectures and 274 full papers. Part A comprises Synthesis and Characterization (99 papers), Part B Catalysis and Environment (102 papers) and Part C Adsorption and Diffusion, Modifications, Novel Materials and Theory (78 papers). Zeolite science and technology has been and continues to be an area receiving great attention. Increasing interest in the synthesis and the characterization of zeolite and microporous materials is reflected in the large number of contributions. Other areas gaining recognition include novel materials, adsorption, theory and modeling.
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Methane and its Derivatives (Chemical Industries) by Sunggyu Lee

Publisher: CRC Press; 1 edition (October 18, 1996) | ISBN: 082479754X | Pages: 424 | PDF | 41 MB

This self-contained reference covers the chemistry, process chemistry, technology, engineering, and economics of methane conversion, including its environmental impact and commercial exploitation. Beginning with methane’s availability and increasing importance as an environmentally acceptable natural resource alternative and feedstock, Methane and Its Derivatives elucidates derivative production by synthesis gas and methane conversion routes discusses methanol and ammonia synthesis, synthetic gasoline, and oxygenate fuels technologies presents data on critical, supercritical, and transport properties, chemical reactions and equilibria, and solubility introduces recent gas engineering techniques, from NOx and SOx removal, and membrane gas separation, to multiphase transport phenomena and cryogenic processes surveys contemporary analytical chemistry and trace component identification methodologies highlights current trends of petrochemical industries and much more!

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Numerical Methods in Engineering with MATLAB (second edition)

Cambridge 2/ed (9-2009) | PDF | 448 pages | 0521191335 | 2.62Mb
Numerical Methods in Engineering with MATLAB /by Jaan Kiusalaas (Author) .Numerical Methods in Engineering with MATLAB® is a text for engineering students and a reference for practicing engineers. The choice of numerical methods was based on their relevance to engineering problems.
Every method is discussed thoroughly and illustrated with problems involving both hand computation and programming. MATLAB M-files accompany each method and are available on the book website. This code is made simple and easy to understand by avoiding complex book-keeping schemes, while maintaining the essential features of the method. MATLAB was chosen as the example language because of its ubiquitous use in engineering studies and practice. This new edition includes the new MATLAB anonymous functions, which allow the programmer to embed functions into the program rather than storing them as separate files. Other changes include the addition of rational function interpolation in Chapter 3, the addition of Ridder’s method in place of Brent’s method in Chapter 4, and the addition of downhill simplex method in place of the Fletcher-Reeves method of optimization in Chapter 10.
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Solid-State Fermentation Bioreactors: Fundamentals of Design and Operation

Publisher: Springer | 2006-07-13 | ISBN 3540312854 | Pages: 447 | PDF | 5.5 MB
This concise professional reference provides a fundamental framework for the design and operation of solid-state fermentation bioreactors, enabling researchers currently working at laboratory scale to scale-up their processes. After surveying the main bioreactor types currently used in solid-state fermentation, it focuses on the mathematical modeling of bioreactors, which is covered in three parts. Firstly, the book shows how to plan a research program in order to characterize the growth kinetics in a manner appropriate for incorporation into bioreactor models. Secondly, it addresses the heat and mass transfer phenomena that occur in solid-state fermentation bioreactors and the mathematical expressions that are used to describe them

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Build Your Own Solar Cells

English | 50 Pages | 2003 | PDF | 6 MB | RS
Build your own solar cells in your home. This handbook explain three different ways to make a home made solar cell.

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Polymeric Biomaterials: Second Edition by Severian Dumitriu

Publisher: CRC Press | 2001 | ISBN: 0824705696 | Pages: 1168 | PDF | 26.27 MB

“Three times larger than its predecessor. Presents the chemical, physical, and structural properties of polysaccharides and synthetic and biodegradable polymers. Provides current applications of biomaterials and polymers for drug delivery, tissue engineering, biomedical sensing, and skin grafting, and as medical adhesives and textiles.”
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Palladacycles: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications by Jairton Dupont

Wiley-VCH | 2008-10-20 | ISBN: 3527317813 | 431 pages | PDF | 4 MB

From synthesis to applications in catalysis, material science and biology this much-needed book is the first to comprehensively present everything you need to know about palladacycles. Renowned international authors guarantee high-quality content, making this a must-have for everyone working in the field. “The book is worth reading as it contains a lot of useful information on specific topics that is not easily accessible elsewhere.” (Angewandte Chemie, March 30, 2009)

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Concise Encyclopedia of Plastics by D.V. Rosato

Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (March 2000) | ISBN: 0792384962 | Pages: 728 | PDF | 59.41 MB

The Concise Encyclopedia of Plastics is the unified source of reliable and accessible information covering the dynamic field of plastics. The Encyclopedia contains over 25,000 extensively cross-referenced terms.

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An Introduction To Surface Chemistry by Eric Keightley Rideal

Publisher: Nash Press (March 15, 2007) | ISBN: 1406719242 | Pages: 348 | PDF | 9.96 MB

A knowledge of these matters is required for a proper under standing of adsorption, the formation and stability of disperse or micro-heterogeneous systems colloid sols and gels, catalysis, enzyme actions, etc., whilst the progress of research shows more and more clearly that the phenomena of life, i. e. the behaviour of cells and tissues, are intimately concerned with the actions occurring at surfaces, and that the effects produced by drugs, disinfectants, and other substances which profoundly affect the operation of cells and micro-organisms are largely due to surface actions.

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